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can  you tell me why?

who am i? what am i?
i am nobody,i drift alone in the void
i do not belong,i should'nt exist....yet i do
,why and for what purpose? am i merely god's entertainment? a fool for his or her amusement
,i guess i'll never's been so long, i wish to receive freedom from life,i wish to die
as i'll never be acknowledged ,loved,held,kissed.
yet i was never fated for these things, i'm supposed to be alone regardless of what i wish for
my existance denied,family denied my heart denied. i gave up on love a long time ago
who knows when,i gave up on hope merely words to fool me. i shall never know freedom,never know happyness.
i shall be lost to the sands of timeand forgotten like somthing disposable,thats my destiny to die somewhere alone,unloved and sad.
i have found people who say they do care, it's just a facade they just pity me and secretly hate me. i am not for this world i should just die!
but i wont be remembered none would care about my demise,surely they would jest and sing,dance i cheer! "shouting yes! the useless bastard is gone!"
and this is true i am useless don't try to consol me i am apathetic and pathetic, not worth it you may pretend to protest, but alas im alive, a hated, lonely
beast, a despised thing. i don't blame them or hate them this is true as i hate myself. "hatered begets hatered" you might say but i truely havent hated annyone.
"so why?" you may ask i don't know.have i died yet or does death run from me why do still live?.....can you tell me why     

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Submitted on
July 5, 2008
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